Breakfast Burritos

  Breakfast burritos are great for not only breakfast but dinner as well. They are inexpensive, versatile, filling and oh so good! I am trying to get better at pinching pennies and I thought I would share my tips with you in a new section on the blog that is all about budget friendly meals! I … [Read more…]

Don’t count your chickens before they hatch…

I recently made the mistake of counting on money before I received it. I have made this mistake before but this time it really hurt! This time I have 6 kids in need of clothes 5 of which also still need some school supplies (I have bought a little here and there)  and 3 birthdays … [Read more…]

doTERRA Essential Oils

Why essential oils? I don’t know about you but I hate taking medicine. I think about all of those side effects and wonder if it is really worth taking a pill for my headache if it’s going to cause a hemorrhage within the skull? The side effects on some of the prescription and non prescription … [Read more…]


***Oopsie! This was a draft that I had started a few months ago, and totally forgotten about! It posted by mistake and has already been viewed several times. It had no title, had not been checked for spelling/grammatical errors or any of the other things I would normally do before posting! Sometimes I rewrite a … [Read more…]

Essential Oils, Oh How I Love Thee

They Have An Essential Oil Recipe For Everything It Seems… It seems that everywhere I look lately someone is talking about Essential Oils and the many different ways they can be used. I had pinned several essential oil recipes onto my Pinterest boards planning on reading up on them and giving them a try. Then one … [Read more…]

To Die For Pierogies

  I love trying new foods and experimenting with different ingredients. I always had an interest in cooking even as a child. I remember always wanting to hang out in the kitchen with my mom and watching cooking shows like “Wok With Yan” with chef Stephen Yan. He was so entertaining and always cracking jokes, … [Read more…]

Straw Bale Gardening

Spring is getting closer and I have been dreaming of having a garden this year! I have already purchased my heirloom (Non GMO) seeds and I just can’t wait to get started! My husband and I had planned on building raised garden beds…until I came across a post on straw bale gardening! What! That’s right a … [Read more…]

Beef Turkey Burgers to feed six

  Delicious Beef Turkey Burgers Recipe by Lori Rowlands Who doesn’t love a great burger? This has become a go to recipe for my family! It is simple to make yet so delicious when it’s all put together! This recipe serves six with just enough mixture left over to make a meat loaf the next … [Read more…]